Walking Pneumonia Recovery

Walking pneumonia recovery is not as intensive as recovery for traditional pneumonia. This is because the disease itself is not as serious. Yet, since the disease is still linked to “pneumonia,” people may think of it in a more alarming light.

Hopefully, we can help dispel some of the myths by providing five facts that make walking pneumonia recovery different from recovery for traditional pneumonia. With this knowledge people won’t have to get worried at getting a “pneumonia” diagnosis. Anyway, these differences are described in greater detail below.

1. No Hospitalization

One of the most poignant differences between walking pneumonia recovery and recovery for traditional pneumonia is the fact that walking pneumonia does not require hospitalization. The only exception is if the disease actually progresses into a condition that is worse, which usually doesn’t happen.

2. Antibiotic Treatment

Walking pneumonia recovery usually involves antibiotic treatment, once the disease has been officially diagnosed by a doctor. This works well because the organism responsible for walking pneumonia is a type of bacteria. Traditional pneumonias are often caused by viruses (especially following an influenza infection). If a virus is the cause of pneumonia, antibiotics will do nothing to treat the condition.

3. Can Resume Work or School

Walking pneumonia recovery does not involve bed rest. As long as a person is taking antibiotics, they can resume their normal activities. Of course, the key is if they are taking antibiotics. If they are not taking antibiotics, they will not only feel horrible as they are trying to go about their day, but they can also spread the disease to other people. This cannot happen at all with traditional pneumonia, even with proper treatment. A person must get over the disease first before they can return to their normal life.

4. Speed

Walking pneumonia recovery can result in a person being 100% well within a week or less, provided they are taking antibiotics. Recovery for traditional pneumonia can result in a person feeling better after seven to 10 days, but it can take at least four weeks before the disease is completely cleared from their system.

5. Can Be Done without Drugs (though not recommended)

Walking pneumonia recovery is possible even without drugs, at least if the infection is very minor. This is not recommended, though, since it can take a lot longer for the body to get rid of the disease. Yet, non-drug recovery is possible with walking pneumonia. If traditional pneumonia is not treated, the condition could be lethal. This is because traditional pneumonia is much more powerful than walking pneumonia, in terms of the stress it places on the body’s immune system.

In conclusion, there are many differences when it comes to walking pneumonia recovery and recovery for traditional pneumonia. These differences should give you some comfort that walking pneumonia is definitely not in the same league as traditional pneumonia. However, don’t let the differences keep you from getting medical treatment if you suspect you have the disease. Remember, walking pneumonia recovery is a lot easier if you are getting antibiotics, which must be prescribed from a doctor.

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