Is Walking Pneumonia Contagious

Have you recently been in contact with a person who has walking pneumonia? If so, you might be wondering the obvious: Is walking pneumonia contagious?

In fact, a quick search online for “is walking pneumonia contagious” will show you that you are not the only one asking this question. There’s good news and bad news when it comes to that question. The good news is that walking pneumonia is not contagious if the sufferer of the disease is taking antibiotics. The bad news is that walking pneumonia is contagious if the person is not getting additional treatment and decides to go out in public.

So, is walking pneumonia contagious? Ultimately, the answer is yes. You definitely can get the disease if you come in contact with an untreated victim.

That said, the best way to control the contagious nature of walking pneumonia is to avoid becoming a carrier. You can do this by going to the doctor when the symptoms of walking pneumonia set in.

Walking pneumonia symptoms include long-term fevers, coughing, sore throat, achy muscles, chills and nausea. The keyword here is long-term. If these symptoms are indicative of a cold or a flu they will go away in a few days or in a week without any medical treatment. However, walking pneumonia usually takes much longer to go away if the body is treating itself. With no medical intervention, walking pneumonia can take as long as a month to go away. Yet, if you do go to the doctor, you’ll be prescribed antibiotics, which will take care of the problem in just a week.

Antibiotics will help protect against spreading the disease to other people. That’s right … you can still go out with walking pneumonia, as long as you’re being treated. As long as you go out when your symptoms are not as bad, no one will think you’re sick. In fact, people with colds might envy you, since you would actually be healthier than them, despite having a disease that is much more stigmatized in the medical community. This is because pneumonia is usually thought of as a condition that requires immediate hospitalization. Few people are aware that it is possible to have a form of “pneumonia” and not be gravely ill.

All in all when it comes to the “is walking pneumonia contagious” question, you now have all the information you need concerning the answer. And while you may not necessarily like the answer, at least consider the fact that the medical community actually has more control over walking pneumonia than it does the common cold.

So, as long as everyone gets antibiotics as they’re supposed to, the likelihood of walking pneumonia spreading like wildfire is not very high. Even with things as they are now, you probably won’t get the disease, since it’s still not very common. You should worry more about getting a cold or a flu than catching walking pneumonia.



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