Walking pneumonia during pregnancy

To a pregnant woman the thought of contracting any type of illness — whether the flu or even a simple cold — is enough to tip the stress scale. Pregnancy alone comes with its own set of complications, and coming down with a bacterial infection or virus is very scary indeed. It isn’t unheard of [...]

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Walking Pneumonia Children

Due to their underdeveloped immune system, children tend to be more susceptible to illnesses than adults. Surprisingly, one of these diseases is actually a type of mild pneumonia. It is called walking pneumonia and occurs when mycoplasma bacteria infect the lungs. What can parents expect when it comes to walking pneumonia in children? Walking pneumonia [...]

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Walking Pneumonia In Children

Walking pneumonia in children works pretty much the same way as it does in adults. Basically, Mycoplasma pneumoniae infect the lungs, causing them to become inflamed. As a result a minor illness develops. In fact, walking pneumonia in children is so ‘minor’ it is possible for children to be acting normally without teachers or parents [...]

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